When we think about the security of our homes and being burglarized, we start thinking of all the sneaky ways a thief could enter the house. Maybe they’ll go in through a basement window, or maybe they’ll climb up a ladder to the second floor, or maybe they’ll slink in through the garage.

But you’d be surprised at how many stories we hear about burglars simply getting in the same way you do, through the front door.

Anything you do to increase the security of your home will help protect you and your family. Here are a just a few things you can do the improve the security of your front door.


If there’s one thing that gives a burglar more time to get into your home, it is not being seen. While tall shrubs near your front door might be very attractive, they can also give a thief the cover he needs to get into your home.

Being able to see all the way to the road and all around the front of your home helps you too by letting you see just what’s going on through a window before opening your door.


We’re not suggesting this because we’re a locksmith company and we want to sell more locks. We’re suggesting this because we’re a locksmith company and we see many break-ins happen by simply pushing hard on a weak lock, or by striking the door where the lock is installed (a weak point of many doors and locksets). You should consult with a locksmith for the best locks for your door and make sure a strike plate protects vulnerable locks.


No, we don’t mean you have to find a comfy chair so you can see everyone who comes or goes through the door all day and all night. But the next best thing is video surveillance and, if you install just one camera, your front door may be the best place for it. Not only will you record anyone who tries to get into your home through the front door, you’ll be able to see anyone who knocks at your door, find out when packages are delivered, or know that the kids arrived home safely.

Don’t let your wondering about how a burglar might try to enter your home make you forget of the most obvious way. Do everything you can to protect your front door. Call us here at Citywide Locksmiths to learn more.