If it’s been said by one, it’s been said by everyone who has ever moved to a new home. Moving is one of the most stressful things you’ll do in life.

What most people don’t realize is that moving is actually two very stressful things in one. First, you have to sell and get out of the house you’re in.

But, while the actual selling bit is bad enough, including real estate agents, purchase offers, staging and open houses, it’s the getting out part that might be worst of all. Packing up everything you own and leaving behind the place you’ve called home for many years is stressful both physically and mentally.

Of course, the second stressful part of moving is finding a new house, which means you have to find the right home, put together a down payment, have the place inspected and, finally, move in.

After what can be many weeks and months of planning, preparation and disruption in your life, it’s such a relief when, after you get all your stuff into the new home, you realize it’s all over.


That sense of relief you have when you bring the last box into the new house will last only until you realize how many people might have a key to the house.

Think about it. The home has just been on the market. That means that any number of people, including real estate agents, renovators and movers may have a key to your house. And that doesn’t include the previous home owners.


To keep your family and new home safe from the moment you move in, the first thing you should do after you close the sale is change the locks on the entry doors to the house.

While you can find standard locksets in big box hardware stores, do you have the time to properly change your locks? And do you want to take a do-it-yourself approach to the security of your home and family

Instead, call us here at Citywide Locksmith. Not only can we offer a number of different high-security locksets, but we can show you how to save money by rekeying your existing locks instead of replacing them.