After 55 years in the locksmith business, we’ve heard and seen it all. But if there’s one thing that never fails to surprise us is when we hear things like “we were locked out of the house, so we had to break in through the basement window to get in?”

All we can say to that is: “whaaat?!”

When we think of the cost of forcing open a basement window, the length of time it takes to fix and the inconvenience of it all, we’re stymied. You could have called a locksmith and probably be in your home in the same time, for similar costs and without any damage.

So that got us to thinking, maybe people just don’t know when a locksmith can help. Here are just a few more times when a locksmith can come to your rescue at home or work.


Sure, you may be able to find a really nice-looking lockset at the local big-box hardware store. But do you have a good idea of how reliable or secure it is? It’s the security of your home, why compromise


A locksmith can save you the cost and inconvenience of installing new locks. Rekeying a lock lets you change the keys of an existing lock. It’s a great alternative to buying and replacing your entire lockset if you lost your keys.


You can try a piece of wire, a magnet or come up with your own scheme, but it’s virtually impossible to get the shaft of a broken key from inside a lock, unless you call a locksmith.


Not every lock that isn’t working needs to be replaced. You can avoid the cost and effort of replacing the locks by getting qualified service from an experienced locksmith.

If you have a problem with the keys or locks to your home, call us here at Citywide. We’ve seen and done it all!