Imagine not needing to find your keys before you head out. Or not having to remember your passcode (or at least hoping thieves don’t figure out that it’s “12345”). Or not needing to press your thumb on anything before opening your front door.

AI, or artificial intelligence, has been around for decades. From optical character recognition, which recognizes printed characters and turns them into digitally-encoded text, to today’s autonomous cars are all applications of AI.

Facial recognition by a machine only ever happened in spy movies until AI brought it into the real world. Just like in the movies, facial recognition is a powerful tool for all types of security. In law enforcement, the New York Department of Motor vehicles used its database of facial images, collected form driver’s license headshots, was used to help in making over 4,000 arrests. In Japan, AI-equipped video surveillance in railroad stations can identify potential criminal behavior, someone showing signs of intoxication, even identifying possible emergency situations and triggering emergency responses.


So how does all this spy-movie stuff relate to you and the security of your home? In a nutshell, AI helps you secure your home in ways that no other technology can. Imaging just walking up to your front door and it opens for you. And locks behind you as you leave. Or does the same for your dog. While it might sound far-fetched, it’s all possible with AI home security


AI-powered home security video surveillance can recognize your face and everyone in your family and distinguish them from strangers.


The ability to analyze voice patterns helps AI home security confirm that it’s really you.


An AI security system can activate or deactivate, depending on your location and the system’s settings.


AI can even alert you to suspicious sounds inside or outside your home.

It might not be available in every big-box store just yet. But AI will become one of your home security options sooner than later.