Home automation might have started with pre-programmable thermostats that let you set times for your HVAC systems to operate. Or maybe it was before that with the manual devices that used a spring-loaded mechanism to turn table lamps on and off.

In any case, home automation has advanced to the point of home ‘intelligence’ with the development of many smart devices for your home.  If you want a smarter home, here are some of the more popular devices you can install.


If home automation started at the thermostat, so too did smart home technology. Devices like Nest thermostats will learn your preferences and schedule for temperatures in your home and make them happen.


The options for smart home security are many and varied. From remote online access to security cameras that let you keep an eye on your home when you’re away, smart locksets that lock automatically, biometric locks that read your fingerprints to open and doorbells equipped with cameras that activate when the button is pushed, this might be the area of the home with the most smart possibilities.


Now you can troubleshoot washer and dryer problems from your smartphone and have an electric meat smoker message you when your ribs are done to perfection. If you have the right smart home appliances that is.


Automatic on/off is so passé when it comes to today’s smart lighting options. If you want a different mood, you can choose a smart bulb that lets you change the light colour and even play your favourite tunes through an embedded Bluetooth speaker.


Imagine being able to tell your shades to open or close. If you don’t want to be bothered to even speak, they can be programmed to open and close at the times you choose.

The final step to a smarter home is a smart hub that lets you control all your smart-home devices through a central hub. If you’re looking for the latest in smart home security locks and systems, call or visit us here at Citywide Locksmiths.